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  • Country in a Clusterclimax

    Read in De Volkskrant of 28 May 2016:   Strange map in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant last week. Almost hilarious if not depressing. The map showed all the latest campusses in the Netherlands with their special brands: technopolis, bio science, healthcare, IT, geomatics, green chemistry, water, sensortechnology, energy, services, food, horti science, space, knowledge.…

  • Postmetropolitan University

    Read in De Omslag of 2015:

  • Extreme concentration

    Read in ‘The Metropolitan Revolution’ (2013) of Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley:   Yesterday there was a round table discussion in The Hague on the future of the so-called Randstad. Does the Randstad function as one polycentric network of cities? The discussion was mainly on innovation and agglomeration economies, I suppose. Most people in this…