Thinking City

Read more: Inspired by Don’s active involvement as a tutor in the successful Zurich Summer School ‘From Suburb To City’, we – Don Murphy and Zef Hemel – have the ambition to initiate an equally interesting event about city planning and city making, in and about Amsterdam. By organizing an event with an international audience, we wish to promote the Dutch position in the field of architecture, planning and innovative city making in a global scene. The Netherlands has always had a strong tradition in these fields, which is widely acknowledged internationally. Besides, we wish to initiate a dialogue about the current state of planning and future planning tasks in the city of Amsterdam. With an extensive public program that will be organized in relation to the Summer School studios, we wish to not only invite the Summer School participants, but also a wide local audience to engage in the thinking about the future of the city.

In the Summer School ‘Thinking City. The Dynamics of Making Amsterdam’ we wish to explore new ways of planning and making the city. The complexity of society necessitates the input of a wide variety of knowledge in planning and building the city – knowledge from different disciplines, about abstract ideas as well as every day life. Different from the regular educational programs of the UvA, TU Delft and other universities specialized in social sciences, urban planning and building sciences, the two-week Summer School will create a setting in which interdisciplinary teams, of both students and professionals, will work on reality-based case studies, in close collaboration with local stakeholders. This unique cooperation will be the core of this event. Workshop settings in which diverse actors – amateurs, students and professionals – will look at specific case studies – housing, energy, politics, mobility, education, culture, food, media, health, biodiversity, well-being and technology – will allow for the testing of new working methods. The kick-off event will take place in Pakhuis de Zwijger thursday evening 13 March 2014. Subscription will start 1 March 2014.


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